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...And You'll Get Instant Access To Everything You Need Including A Special Optimized Theme And Special Plugins As Well...

From: Michael S. Brown

Location: Ohio

First, what is a review site and why the heck would you want to build one?

Simple; review sites review products and earn (potentially massive) commissions on the back end from those reviews...

Ever heard of Amazon.Com?

Amazon is the largest form of review-style site in the world and they bank billions annually.  Billions.

In case that isn't enough reason for you.....


You basically let other people's reviews , do all of the selling or you.

Read What Leading Research Groups And News Corporations Are Saying....

That's Over 1.5 Billion People Buying Online.... Read On...

Sites Like Amazon, Walmart & Best Buy Know This & They Are Making A Fortune From Reviews!

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  • But, There Are Huge Problems With That!
    Do You Want To Know What They Are?    
    Heck Yea You Do!  So Read On.....

    Problem #1:  Re-hashed Junk  

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    Do you want that?  Of course not!

    You want to rank well and make a killing in profits from your review website.

    Sorry But, If You Are Using Plugins Like That,
    Not Yours!

    Problem #2: They Only Work With One Site!

    I know I would & I do!

    They simply will-not allow you to use any program you want are are restricted to Amazon!  

    Problem #3: No Micro Data!

    Do you know what having stars by your search engine results will do for you?

    Increased Exposure!

    You rankings in the search engines will greatly stand out amongst the competition.

    Unfortunately, most people do not know this or use this but it's simple!

    Here is an example...

    See How That Stands Out 
    Over The Competition?  

    Unfortunately, as I stated these plugins and most themes simply do not offer this!

    Problem #4:  Programmers, Not Teachers!

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    ...And I Can Show You Exactly How To Do This Even If You've Never Built A Website Yet!

    How would you too,like to build a beautiful, profitable review site?  



    Build Your First Profitable Review Website In A Few Days -- Not Months!

    You'll get INSTANT access to this entire course where you'll...

    • Discover my simple formula for conquering profitable review niche markets.  Instead of wondering what to do I'll show you exactly what to do every single step of the way
    • Get instant access to my super-easy-to-follow method that finds "special" review niche markets that you can make money in over and over again even if your site were to disappear from Google.  True story -- THIS actually happened to me but, because I was using this method I never worried about it
    • Get easy traffic and sales to your website by ethically swiping and using someone else's videos (or your own) in under 45 seconds.  In fact, you can even create a cool video from scratch with no prior experience in under 5 minutes with a FREE tool I'll show you how to use
    • Find exactly what to write about in just a few seconds by "piggy backing" existing reviews or just OUTSOURCE all of the writing so you don't have to write at all!
    • Use my profitable geared-for-reviews theme that you'll get on the inside.  Plus, this theme allows you to place cool stars for the world to see next to your Google search listing.  You will get noticed MUCH faster than the competition with this.  This cool theme is $97 but I'm going to give it to you as a member

    "What Michael Teaches On Review Sites Works!"

    I've followed Michael for years and even helped as amember of his support team at one point.  

    John Mann

    "$12,289.12 From My Own Personal Case Study"

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    I also did this in a...

    • Brand new niche
    • With no prior experience
    • No list of contacts (no list building, period)
    • No upper hand at all
    The interesting thing with this site is that I lost all my Internet rankings in Google but, because of the way it's built and geared for "lifetime" commissions it still keeps bringing in money month after month.

    I initially put in the time to build this site, added content and set my review ratings but since then I've put in less than an hour per work each week.
    I intend to scale up my efforts and outsource additional writing to greatly increase this sites revenue and grow it into a full sized business on it's own.

    Click to Get In Right Now

    Step 1: Selecting A Profitable Review Market
    Contains: 4 Lesson & 6 Easy Videos

    You Will Have An Awesome Review Market Selected By The Time You Finish With This Lesson

    This lesson is extremely simple, short, sweet and to the point on how to find your first profitable review niche market.

    I'll hold your hand through 6 simple videos and cover the following topics for you.

    • The largest online market place where you can gather an infinite amount of ideas.
    • This single place has millions of products but even more so can be used to generate awesome review niche ideas that you can make money with.
    • Awesome keyword research that will ensure you're getting into a market that has enough traffic and sales to be worth growing in.
    • What markets to completely avoid in the review industry.  Certain markets simply are no good - I'll show you what to avoid.

    Plus:  These Additional Lesson Walk-Throughs

    • Finding "hot" products you can easily fill your website up with, for the best-most-profitable results.
    • How to find affiliate programs that will make you good residual income even if you site were to disappear from the search engines for good!

    "Michael, Has Helped Coach Me In Growing My Business Beyond Anything I've Ever Done Offline"

    Justin Lewis

    In this step you'll learn how to get your review site up and running complete with my perfectly optimized Review Formula theme that installs on your website in just seconds.

    This step also includes the following lessons:

    • Get your domain, hosting and Wordpress setup in minutes.  These lessons are shot with the beginner in mind whether you've done this before or not.
    • Step-by-step adding killer review write-ups on your site and how to "piggyback" off of other reviews to write even less!
    • How to add the "perfect" categories to your site based on your market.  This lesson will ensure you'll completely organized so you can make the most profits possible.

    Plus:  These Additional Lesson Walk-Throughs

    • Activate Pretty Links Pro.  This is a $97 plugin I bought the rights to for you.  This plugin will allow you to redirect your affiliate links  and make them pretty without using any outside tools and while you're logged into your dashboard.
    • How to add the little stars to your reviews so you get found easier in the search engines!  This only takes a few seconds but will make a huge difference in your results.
    • Adding social elements to your site to get your site freely shared with the world!  Backlinks coming into our site are important and this is an easy way to share your site and go viral.
    • Easy way to cerate a logo for your site or have someone do it as cheaply as $5 for you!  This will ensure you have the most professional look for your site.  The more professional you look, the more real you look which is proven to bring in more sales!

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  • Step 3:  Additional Elements That Generate More Sales For You
    Contains: 3 Lesson & 3 Easy Videos

    • Getting review "excerpts" added to your site.  This is a way to add awesome additional reviews to your site without doing any additional writing.
    • Oddly enough most people have no idea this can be done.  Not only will I show you how to do this I'll show you how to do it in under 45 seconds.
    • Add videos to your site NOT created by you.  This completely ethical tactic can be done in minutes and saves you time by banking off of someone else's hard work.  

    Plus:  These Additional Lesson Walk-Throughs

    • Adding someone else's video to your site will cause Google to put a special notice by your site listing in the search engines!
    • An easy tweak to spark a community setting on your review site.  Interact with the community the right way and watch your sales increase!
    • Print and Review Checklist:  As you go through the lesson you can easily check off what you've completed.  This keeps you focused, more organized and allows you to continue building and growing your site without worrying about the details. 

    Step 4:  Targeted Optimized Traffic
    Contains: 9 Lessons & 9 Easy Videos

    By The End Of This Step You'll Be Driving Top Notch Targeted Traffic To Your Review Site!

    Every website you build needs traffic.  Without traffic you wont make a dime, but with the right traffic you can make a good living.

    This step contains the following traffic lessons:

    • Getting traffic from someone else's blog. Guest blogging and social commenting can go a long way.  I'll show you how to find parters that want to share your posts on their blogs and this will lead to you making more money.
    • Creating simple 30 second commercials that can be added to sites like Youtube & metacafe.  Plus, learn how submitting these easy-to-create videos will get you fast search engine traffic almost effortlessly.
    • Using site directories to maximum effectiveness.  Directories got a huge boost in helping you rank your website again in 2012 and this trend looks like it'll be around for years to come.

    Plus:  These Additional Lesson Walk-Throughs

    • Driving traffic with Squidoo.   Squidoo is a great place to drive sales and traffic to your site and I'll show you exactly how to do it.
    • Using proper anchor text and link building tactics to rank you website in the top of the search engines.  Most people get this wrong, here we do it right and you will too.  Ranking in the top of the search engines means more sales for you!
    • Print & Review Checklist: Make sure you're 100% organized and done with this easy to print checklist.  Focus on making money while I help keep you organized.

    In this step you'll learn steps you need to take o make your review site go from a basic site that makes you a few bucks each month and turn it into a money maker that can also grow with very little effort on your part.

    This step contains the following lessons:

    • How to outsource all of the witting!  This will allow you to work on monetizing the site (adding the ability to make money) while someone else does all of the work.  Best of all it's extremely inexpensive.
    • How to find what else your market wants. Doing this will make you more money.
    • Dominate your market by leading the pack as one of the top authorities in your niche.  This brings in fantastic results every time.

    Plus:  These Awesome Additions

    • Scheduling all of our content so you do not need to log in daily, weekly or even monthly to work on your site!  You can combine this with the outsource method to greatly increase revenue while saving hours of time!
    • Submit your site to me and my team to be critiqued!  This is a service I could charge quite a bit of money for but as a member of my course you get this at no additional charge.
    • Imagine being able to "know" if you're doing everything right!?
    • Print & Review Checklist:  This final course checklist will make sure that you finished up strong in your training.  Let me handle all the organization for you so you can save time and effort.

    "Michael, Is Not Only Now A Good Mate Of Mine But Someone I Trust When It Comes To Website Building, SEO And Making Money With Review Sites"

    Michael is one of the few people I know who really knows how to make money with review style sites and long tailed keywords.

    Most people leave out details or "facts" but,  Michael gives you all of the important details in simple to understand illustrations while showing you the real down to earth way to get it done.

    Michael, is not only now a good mate of mine but someone I trust when it comes to website building, SEO and making money with review style sites.

    James Brown (no relation)

    I've Also Added These Amazing Additions You'll Definitely Want....

    Some people call these bonuses however, these additions make the course so much better and make your life so much easier that I consider them part of the course and not just some random bonuses your probably used to seeing!

    Check them out.....

    Awesome Addition #1
    24/7-Never Get Stuck-Community (priceless)
    Help Is Priority #1 For You!

    • Never wonder what to do next.  I give you a Never-Get-Stuck guarantee
    • Need to get in touch with me personally.  I am there!  Unlike most online products similar to this where they leave you high an dry
    • I will be there for you every step of the way and at no additional cost
    • We treat you like gold hear an with the utmost #1 respect.  Your success is my goal

    The Never Get Stuck Support Is Pure Gold

    • This fully adjustable theme comes in red or blue & sets up and install in seconds!
    • Works seamlessly with Micro Data Formats (shows the cool little stars on the search engines) for more exposure!
    • Allows the easy display of beautiful pictures (people shopping for products love to see the product and this makes it simple).

    Seamlessly integrates with ANY affiliate program and allows point and click auto affiliate link additions!  No hassling with lines of code!  You simply drop your affiliate link in the box and you're set.

    Easy customization.  Point and click to add your own logo, change the navigation bars, add custom sidebar banners and advertising.  It's extremely simple to do and I also walk you through this every step of the way.

    Unlimited site use.  You can create as many review sites as you want with this theme! Save your money and quit buying themes with this.

    Awesome Addition #3
     Pretty Links Plugin ($97 Value)
    Redirect Affiliate Links With Ease

    Turn your ugly affiliate links into short, beautiful domain style links right inside your wordpress dashboard!

    Example:  Your affiliate link is this:  www.affiliatelinkhere.com/arekrehksahhflkajs

    Instead it becomes:  www.yourdomain.com/product

    Plus it allows the following:

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    • Full stat tracking right inside your wordpress dashboard. Save time by knowing how many clicks your affiliate links are getting -- right from your wordpress dashboard with no monthly fees at all!
    • Redirect as many affiliate links as you want.
    •  Promoting 100's of products on your website is not a problem at all - in fact I recommend it.

    It's point-and-click simple to use and I walk you though setup (30 seconds) and adding an affiliate link with ease (20 seconds).

    It's easy enough and we can even set it all up for you.  How's that for support?

    Step 1: Selecting A Profitable Review Market Video Training
    Step 1: Print & Review Checklist
    Step 2: Setting Up Your Review Site Video Training
    Step 2: Easy Printable Work Sheets
    Step 2: Print & Review Checklist
    Step 3: Additional Sales Generating Elements
    Step 3: Print & Review Checklist
    Step 4: Targeted Optimized Traffic
    Step 4: Print & Review Checklist
    Step 5: Growing Your Success With Less Effort
    Step 5: Print & Review Checklist
    Awesome Addition 1: Help & Support Community (Priceless)
    Awesome Addition 2: The Review Theme ($97 Retail)
    Awesome Addition 3: Pretty Link Redirect Plugin ($97 Retail)

    You Get Instant Access To Everything Above For...

    (Heck, just 2 of Awesome Additions are worth more than $197 alone!  Not to mention the step-by-step hand holding in the support area so you're never stuck!)  

    But, just.....

    I'm Ready -- Let Me In >>

    You obviously know the power of review sites and reviews or you wouldn't be reading down this far on the page.

    Let me help you build a successful review style site that can make you residual money and be set to run on nearly complete auto-pilot.

    All of th above tools and the Review Formula heme are included at no extra charge!


    You Should Definitely Join Now,
    Because of This 30 Day No-Questions-Asked 
    Priority Guarantee!

    Priority "Review Formula" Order Form

    • I understand I will be billed Coelho descargar libros gratis medicina libro enamorate bien pdf libro tout va bien 2 pdf
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    • $77 One-Time today to receive immediate access
      to the "Review Formula" training course
    • I am also protected by a 30 day no questions  asked money back guarantee
    • I can cancel at any time with no questions asked whatsoever
    • This is a LIMITED time price.  The price WILL go up in the next 2 weeks!

    Order over our secure order form.

    Michael S. Brown LLC. 664 Greenbriar Circ. Howard, OH 43028, 314-925-0667